Have a seat, take a minute and let me introduce myself and my photo perspective …

I live and work predominantly in Switzerland. I am a native Slovak, grown up surrounded by the beautiful nature of the High & Low Tatra mountains and rich cultural heritage and folk traditions. Art and botany were of interest from a very early age. Those who know me would say that there is “art chlorophyll” flowing in my veins.

Life has taken me first through University, where I read International Trade, Law and Diplomacy, to a successful career in Indirect Tax consultancy spanning almost the last 20 years. During this time I have always been a very passionate photographer, globetrotter, art- and plant lover. This has allowed me to create a significant portfolio demonstrating a variety of themes. However, my main artistic focus has always been the floral world. My photographic works emphasise the natural beauty of plant forms and colours. I give the stage to nature – to the plants, to let them talk to the audience and to transmit their green energy …

I have already successfully developed the “Day With You” project, where I focus my camera lens on the beauty of the standard daily routine, keeping these memories alive for my clients. My “Green Art”, with scientifically proven positive effects on mental health, is being very well received by my audience.

My another successful project is “TOMs ART FLOWer CLUB”, where I focus on plants/flowers from an artsy perspective. I give the stage to all artistic expressions covering the floral world. Take your time, have a look, you are more than welcome: TOMs ART FLOWer CLUB auf Instagram

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